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In general, consumers prefer to buy shoes, which will last for a long time, and it is very comfortable. Luxury brands have suffered a lot from this, because consumers have begun to pay attention to the price, rather than a luxury.

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Women constitute the largest part of the industry's customers; analysts believe that they are often more focused on the purchase of optional items, in particular, shoes. Shoes types including high-heeled shoes, units, pumps, these shoes cover from the front and on the back of the foot, the two sides left open the top, sandals; these are slightly elevated, as formal and casual clothing wedges; highly fashionable high-heeled shoes it is fashionable these days mule; behind, and covers the foot in front, the mule could flat or wearing high heels, Orsay and boots. Recent trends show that young women are more like dress and shoes, these days come in bright and bold colors reflect today's women bold image high-heeled shoes. Older age groups prefer comfortable flat bottomed pumps for use by young women's casual outdoor and indoor sports shoes.

6pmIn men, the general dress shoes for all official activities. These come from the traditional black, brown and gray. Dress shoes can share price or no lace. Different types of dress shoes for men's casual shoes include, Oxford, wing tip and slip. Men are also known as the summer sandals because they are open on the front and back; the top of the belt covers the top of the foot and the other band around the ankle to cover the back of the foot. The sandals are very comfortable, with a pair of jeans or shorts smooth. Other types of shoe sports shoes include and boots. Boots are tougher and more durable. Different types of boots include ankle boots, work boots, cowboy boots and heavy lace boots. Sports shoes casual shoes are most commonly used by young boys and young people. Women's sports shoes are also popular among young women and teenagers.

6pmSports shoes are also an important part of the industry. In the past few years, sports shoes men and women showed significant growth, according to forecasts, in the next 5 years will be 9.1% of the global sports shoes industry in the next years, with the increase of male sports shoes 11.8%. In sports shoes and casual running shoes competition is fierce with Nike occupy most of the market share. Adidas, which has long been in the market leaders failed to back Nike and trying to find their own market position, combined with Reebok in August 2005 announced that despite the increase in merger Adidas market share and revenue, Nike is still holding the market leader position, followed by the Reebok adidas group.

Industry analysts are hoping that the future of the footwear business and the upcoming Olympic Games and the world cup will certainly be a great promotion of sports shoes.

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